Good And Bad Sides Of Tungsten


In the recent years, everybody is talking about this metal and how great performances it has. Tungsten has a large application in heavy industry and industry overall. Due to its hardness and resistance to wear, many factories implemented this metal in their production process. But, does tungsten has bad sides we haven’t been aware of so far and what impact it has on our health.

Let’s start with good features

Tungsten managed to fight its place and become of the indiscernible elements in many industries. Having in mind its great performances and features, it should surprise why this metal became so demanded. Tungsten has the highest melting point which makes it perfect to work with when exposed to high temperatures. This meal isn’t toxic, so it is harmless to our environment because it doesn’t pollute the air and water. Due to its hardness, tungsten is a good isolation material, and it can protect people from radiation. When combined with other metals, tungsten gives those materials the necessary hardness. Tungsten is also used in the construction of jewelry and often replaces the gold. This metal has found broad application in aero industry and military because of its hardness.

The bad sides, if we can call them like this

There have been many debates regarding health effects of tungsten. Long industrial experience and many types of research haven’t proven any adverse effects to prolonged exposure to tungsten. However, some side effect may appear, such as irritation on the skin and in contact with eyes, it can cause wateriness and redness.  If you are working is some factory which deals with tungsten of regular basis, you just need to wear a protective suit if you are sensitive to this metal. Considering the effect of tungsten on the environment, one study which conducted research on guinea pigs found interesting results. Pigs which we exposed to tungsten powder suffered from anorexia, colic, lack of coordination in movements, trembling and weight loss. Overall, this metal isn’t expected to be dangerous for the environment.


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