Learn How You Can Benefit From Using Tungsten Alloys



Industrial production and fabrication of metal is a diverse and very interesting sector, and all sorts of materials are being used in this area. However, one metal is taking center stage in the recent years, and yes – we are talking about Tungsten Metal. In other words, tungsten alloys are growing in popularity, and experts are finding new ways in which this highly durable material can be exploited.

You can also benefit from these upgrades and discoveries.

And even though the cost of tungsten is pretty high – the advantages that this metal provides are certainly worth every penny. After all, the durability of this element will guarantee the longevity of your products in the end, and this consequently leads to more happy customers.

– What You Need To Know About Tungsten

Even though tungsten is not a “new” metal, and it has been a part of the Earth’s crust for several millennia, the actual usage of this material dates back only a couple of centuries. This unusual fact comes as a result of several unique characteristics of tungsten, predominantly the fact that this substance is one of the toughest in the world. In other words, it was impossible to mold and cut tungsten pieces until we discovered certain elaborate techniques, and nowadays – only high-tech machines equipped with diamonds can create different components from tungsten alloys.

Tungsten, or Wolfram as it is known in certain areas of the globe, is predominantly produced in China, and as much as 80% of global production is coming from this country. Canada and Russia are next on the list, but they have significantly weaker numbers when it comes to annual mining numbers of the Element 74.

– Prominent Features Of Tungsten

6mm-Never-Fade-Silver-Gold-Black-316l-Stainless-Steel-Ring-Tungsten-Carbide-Wedding-RingTungsten is a metal which has the highest melting point of all other metals (3.422 ºC), and it is also very dense and heavy – as much as two times as heavy as lead, and twice as dense as steel. Furthermore, it has excellent hardness and tensile strength, but at the same time – it can have incredible absorption properties and high resistance to impact. Similarly, it offers excellent corrosion resistance, and some recent studies have shown that tungsten alloys are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

– The Areas In Which Tungsten Alloys Are Used

If your company produces any item which needs to be small in volume but heavy and strong, tungsten alloys can be the ideal solution for your needs. High-speed steel and super alloys made with a high percentage of this metal can provide you with amazing characteristics, and that is why several industrial areas are relying heavily on Element 74.


For example, the military or the aviation industry need large quantities of tungsten alloy for manufacturing bullets and other projectiles or for rotor blades on jet engines. Welding is a well-known area in which tungsten plays an integral role (TIG welding), but other sectors of metal fabrication are also in need of significant amounts of tungsten. Incandescent bulbs with their tungsten filaments are an area which gradually drifts into oblivion, but many other industrial fields are still using tungsten in enormous quantities.


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