The Use Of Tungsten In Automotive Industry And Other Applications


Tungsten is widely known metal, and many manufacturers use it for different purposes. Due to its excellent performances and durability, it has proven to be a very sought after material. It has found application in various industries, and many people love to work with this metal.

Automotive industry

Tungsten alloys are widely used in care race industry, especially in tooling and die cast applications. If skid plates are made of tungsten alloys, they will provide greater protection than any other metal. Chassis weights, which are intended for balancing are made of heavy density alloys. The most important part here is that tungsten alloys have a smaller volume, and they don’t take too much space, which is significant when the design of the car is in order.


High – density tungsten alloys are used as a protection from radiation, in particular against x rays and gamma rays. They act as good isolation material and guard patients from dangerous radiation. Syringes are also made of tungsten alloys; they are used when some radioactive substance is injected into patient’s body.  Some medical tools are made from tungsten alloys to protect people from harmful effects of radiation.

Machines and tooling

Considering that tungsten has a high hardness, many tool and devices are made from this metal. For example, boring bars, grinding quilts and tool extension. There are many benefits this metal provides, such as reduced vibration, resistance to wear and high resistance to temperature. These performances make this metal perfect for industrial use.

Oil and natural gas wells

The radiation shielding features of tungsten alloys protect sensitive equipment, which is used for findings of natural gas and oil. Because of high density, drills are made of tungsten alloys; they can penetrate through mud and rocks to find oil and gas. These tools need be strong enough to withstand the high hydrostatic pressure.


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