Three Primary Uses Of Tungsten


Tungsten is one of the hardest metals on the earth, and many scientists compare it to diamond. Beside this, it has the highest melting point among all metals in a periodic table. The applications of tungsten are various, especially because this metal isn’t toxic. Bellow, you will find the three most important uses of this metal.


The first use of tungsten was noted with light bulbs in filaments because of high resistance to heat.  Tungsten is also used in alloys, mixed with steel and copper. It provides these elements exceptional hardness. The most significant use of tungsten is in cement carbide. Using it hardens, many cutting and drilling tools are made of tungsten. Tungsten also has many other applications; people use it in medical facilities to protect patients from radiation. Automobile industry also uses tungsten for various purposes, considering this meal us resistant to wear.

Western countries lack in resources of tungsten, and a tiny amount can be found in nature. On the other hand, China holds 80% of world’s resources of tungsten. They mainly use it for export and heavy industry.


When combining tungsten with other metal, scientists produce heavy metal alloys. A good example of this is high-speed steel, which contains more than 18% of tungsten. Considering that tungsten melting points are high, this metal is ideal for rocket nozzles, and it has a great application in aerospace and automotive industry. Tungsten alloys also found their use in military industry, bullets, missiles, and pistols are made from this metal, due to its hardness.

Gold substitution

Considering that Tungsten has a density similar to gold, it is used in a production of jewelry, and it is alternative to gold and titanium. Tungsten doesn’t provoke any allergies, and it is stronger than gold, which makes it perfect for rings and it has a polished design. During the 80s, it was discovered that some people made frauds with golden bars, replacing them with tungsten because they have almost the same density. But, since they have similar density, this could pass only superficial tests because they have been discovered soon.


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