Tungsten Alloys In Medical Application


Tungsten Metal was discovered in the 17th century, and many people compare its hardness to diamond. This metal has a great heat resistance, and this is one of the reasons why it is so broadly used. It has found many useful applications, and one of the most important ones is in the medical industry. Tungsten alloys are slowly changing the way on how we look at the world, but at the same time protecting our well – being. The fact that Tungsten is a non – toxic metal makes it ideal for hospitals and medical facilities. It won’t endanger the patients’ health, and it will keep them protected from harmful gamma rays, which are number one cause of cancer.

Tungsten alloys in diagnostics

They are often used as components or final parts for many diagnostics and therapeutic medical devices, for example, multileaf collimators, which are used in radiology. High-density alloys are used for these devices.

For instance, this particular device directs radiotherapy so precisely and treats affected area, but delivering the appropriate doses to patients. In tears of preciseness, multileaf collimator plays an important role, because every patient’s needs to receive an adequate therapy with the precise doses, but at the same time, it protects the patient’s body.

Radiation shielding

Considering the density and strength of tungsten alloys, they are the first choice used for radiation shielding. This metal has a high potential to absorb the particles and block the X – rays and gamma rays. This is one of the reasons why many x – ray tubes and x – ray technology is based on tungsten alloys.

Apart from this, tungsten alloys are used for much medical equipment, for example, syringes.

Considering that patients suffer from severe diseases, like cancers and tumors, sometimes doctors need to inject the radioactive substances into their body to prevent the spreading. In this case, they use equipment made of Tungsten alloys, which will help them protect their surroundings from radiation.

The features of Tungsten

To understand its importance, we first need to explain what Tungsten stands for. This is probably one of the hardest metals on the planets, it has the highest melting point, and it’s not toxic, which makes it critical to many industries and businesses.

Tungsten alloys in medical application

In this way, it is indispensable in medicine because it will not harm the patients and protects them from radiation. But not only medicine has the use for Tungsten, but also auto and aero industry, as well as heavy industry, use Tungsten in their production.

Future innovation

Considering that lead has been almost banned from the use, Tungsten has proudly taken its place. We all know that in the past lead was widely used in medical facilities, but it has proven to be toxic for patients. On the other hand, Tungsten is one of the rare metals which is toxic – free, safe to use and it doesn’t evaporate. As the technology advances, we can expect many great things to unfold as well as the further progress of this metals and its use.


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