Tungsten And Its Features


Most of us don’t know, but tungsten has the highest melting point of all metals. We mean pure metals of course. It is also called wolfram. Its symbol is W. In case you didn’t know, tungsten is harder to brake than diamond, and it is much tougher than steel. Tungsten has some nice features. It is very useful because it can take high temperatures and that is why it is best for applications in segments of commerce and industry. Its melting point is 6192°F or 3422°C.

Production process

Tungsten is extracted from minerals, and there are only two minerals. Scheelite and wolframite. But we forgot about recycling, and during this process, we can recycle almost 30% of tungsten as far the global supply goes.


The largest producer of this type of metal is China. This country gives over 80% of global tungsten recourses. Tungsten Metal is produced when we heat ATP chemical with hydrogen.

Tungsten usage

Believe it or not, we have used tungsten as a part of our light bulbs for over one hundred years. Bulbs are using tungsten powder which is exposed to high temperatures, and that is the way of giving light in many houses on the globe. Because tungsten keeps its shape even when exposed to high temperatures, it is being used in a variety of applications including household things like lamps, microwave and other types of furnaces.

Tungsten And Its Features

It was even used for CRT monitors and TVs. Because it has high metal tolerance for heat, it is also ideal for a lot of electric contacts and welding equipment. If you are into a business that is related to mass or weight, then you will use tungsten. Tungsten has high density, and this is why it is good for this applications.

Alloys that contain tungsten

We can mix tungsten with other metals. This useful because you will have an alloy that will have best of all those metals that you put in the mix. Some examples include corrosion resistance and bigger strength.

That is why tungsten is used with steel alloys because it will give its features to the alloy. If you are using some tools for cutting than your tool will probably have tungsten in its blade.

Rocket engines also contain tungsten because if properties such as high resistance to heat. Tungsten doesn’t wear that easily, and that is why it is being used in bullets and ammunition and clubs for golf. Aircraft turbine blades are usually made of tungsten with some other metals. That mix gives those propellers the necessary endurance that an airplane needs in the air.

They are resistant to the temperature difference, all sort of weather conditions and many other things. So it is important to understand why tungsten is so important in today’s industry. You may thing it is just another metal but bear in mind that this metal is very important because it is found in most sophisticated equipment and some branches of industry depend on it.


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