Tungsten Carbide – The Use And Performance


The tungsten carbide is created by combining two metals, carbon and tungsten and it is considered as one of the toughest among all alloys. It is extremely reliable and durable. It shouldn’t surprise you why this mixture found such a broad application. The score tungsten carbide has on the Mohs scale is nine from possible 10. The only thing tougher than tungsten carbide is a diamond. It takes a diamond to cut a diamond, but also, it takes the diamond to cut tungsten carbide. Considering all pieces of information, we have provided you; it is enough to realize the benefits of tungsten carbide.

The primary use

Considering the toughness of tungsten carbide possesses, it makes sense its main use if for cutting. Tungsten carbides are used for serious cutting, which is commonly found in heavy industry, constructions, and mining. Drills made of tungsten carbide tip can perform a great job. Based on some estimates 60% of tools in the mentioned industries is made of tungsten carbide. Once you overcome this primary use, the tungsten carbide becomes widely spread, for example, in a production of razor blades and jewelry. This metal can look very sophisticated and polished, especially if you know how to combine it. In some occasions, it can even replace gold, considering it has similar density.

Tungsten carbide around home

You can find tungsten carbide in some home appliances. For example, without the light, you won’t be able to function, and your home would be a gloomy place. Each light bulb emits a significant amount of light, and without tungsten carbine, they would all burst. Tungsten carbide is also used in ballpoints; it makes sure the ball is aligned with the ink. In this way, tungsten carbide is crucial for everyday life.

We would say that uses of tungsten carbide are evident, it is indispensable for our industry and considering it’s not toxic, many predict that this metal will make even bigger applications in the future.




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